Naivasha again and again and again

There are so many places i want to go and have been to since i started riding. However, every time there is a mention of “lets go out of town”, Naivasha always is on the list. I have been here so many times and can’t get enough of it.


The first time was my maiden ride. The very first ride out of town and we rode to Naivasha for a weekend.

The road is all tarmac and so makes it easy for a beginner to be comfortable. The view is nothing like what you see from the car window. We made a stop here just after Mai Mahiu and i had to take this picture. This section of the road is my all go girl part. Its smooth, its sweet, its open, its aaah!!!

Before you get to Mai Mahiu, there is the escarpment. This is the MUST STOP place on your way to Naivasha. The view is breathtaking, you take pictures and can even buy souvenirs. It can get crowded sometimes because no one passes here without a stop but regardless of how big the crowd is, there is enough space for everyone and you will enjoy your few minutes here. Ooh and they have clean washrooms too.

And you totally get mesmerized by the view.
And you totally get mesmerized by the view.

There is the Smallest church just down the hill from the escarpment and just before Mai Mahiu. The church is the smallest in the world build in the second world war by the Italian Prisoners of war. I love stopping here on my way back home. There is something about this place. The spiritual connection is great for me.
Then you ride into Naivasha and you can ride right into the lake.
Have a good meal.
Enjoy this
And if spending a night out there, you got the perfect location.
The choices of what you can do in Naivasha on two wheels are endless. The places to go are uncountable. Naivasha rocks.

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Geoffrey Oketch
November 27, 2017
Well done keep the fire going.
November 28, 2017
Dear Geoffrey Thank you so much. We will.

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