The D-Day finally came and believe us, we were as excited as you.  Lot’s of emotions too. We started planning this adventure back in June, 2016. Then we were talking of two years to come.  June 2018, we were busy getting the carnet, the South African Visa, putting our items together.  The bikes had arrived in January, 2018 and we immediately started getting used to them.

Ready to begin the adventure.

We had a very warm and emotional flag off.  The presence of our family and friends was more than we could ask for. It was not easy leaving home on 2nd July, 2018.  That is when all the questions bombard you in the head and it is very easy to develop fear, jitters and doubts.

We were very excited that with God’s blessings we were finally leaving for our adventure.

We would like to say a big THANK YOU to the following.

BAVARIA AUTO LTD – for organizing the breakfast for us and our family before the flag off.  They also managed to service our bikes before departure.  From when we wrote our first email to Mr. Michael De Souza – Brand Manager at Bavaria Auto Ltd back in July 2017, we have received extra ordinary customer service and support.  Jamba and Kenia arrived well.

KBC Television (Sports Desk) – for the media coverage of our flag off directed by Mr. Burckley.

NTV Television (Weekend Prime and The Trend) for the pre-departure media coverage.

4 UP DIGITAL for covering our flag off, editing and making sure we have quality content for our You Tube. Thank you.

INDIGO6 KENYA for the warm blanket donated to us to keep us warm all through our travel.

AUTO SEAL KENYA – The tire puncture solution for sealing our tires and ensuring we have a peace of mind as we travel.

BAOBAB Bags for the amazing sling bag, card holder and wallet to make our travel very organized.

NAIROBI CHAPEL -Ngong Road for the prayers day and launching our adventure in February, 2018.

PARKLANDS BABTIST CHURCH for the pre-departure prayers on 1st July 2018 and allowing us to use the church grounds for the flag off

MR. C. TSUMA – Principal Nova Pioneer Academy for allowing our son time out of school to be able to celebrate this moment with us.

OUR FAMILY – Mom, Aunties, sisters, brothers, nieces, cousins, nephews, son and daughter for being our greatest support since we started planning this adventure and being there for the flag off.

OUR FRIENDS – We can not thank you enough.  Thank you so much for walking with us and being there for us all through

We said a prayer for journey mercies with friends and family