Our tag line is “Life is too short for ordinary adventures”. We believe in this 100% but we also say our objectives in life are to Dream: Explore: Inspire.

By quiting our jobs, selling off our belongings and leaving our families and friends behind, we expect to explore and inspire from our children, family, friends and entirely all people across the globe.

Dreaming and exploring is very clear on what we are doing but one would ask, how do you intend to inspire by taking 3 years and riding around the world?

We would love for everyone to get out of their comfort zone, drop their fears, stop giving excuses and get on that one thing you know deep down in your heart you would love to do or achieve and it’s not in the list of the norm.

We look forward to when we shall read such stories inspired by our trip.

For now, lets tell the story of Kenya. #visitKenya