We are Wamuyu and Dos.

We are a Kenyan open-minded couple that loves traveling and especially on motorcycles. We met at a biker’s event and agreed to riding out of town the following day. The sweetest part of this is, we have been riding together ever since that day.

We rode into each other’s hearts and that is the best place the bikes have taken us.  At a certain point, we discovered we both had a dream to explore the world beyond the Kenyan borders, beyond prejudices and beyond the usual comfort zone. Something that just cemented our relationship.

In 2015, Dos rode from Kenya to South Africa and back on his 180-cc bike.  He holds the Kenyan record for the smallest bike to do an adventure trip of that size in Africa. Listening to his experience and noting how hard the adventure bug bit into him, we knew this was it and we would need to work on it fast. So, without a doubt, we begun planning the world tour in the late 2016.

In July 2017, Wamuyu took a similar but shorter adventure and rode to Tanzania entering through Namanga border and riding across Tanzania to Kingoma – Lake Tanganyika. She returned to Kenya via Mwanza and through Isebania border.  She detoured to Kisumu before coming back to Nairobi.  In 10 days, she covered 3,100 kms.  She so far holds the record of a Kenyan solo female long-distance rider.

We want to explore the world with our own eyes, make our own experiences and enjoy foreign countries, cultures and traditions.  We also want to tell the story of our beloved country Kenya to the world.  We want people to hear the story of Kenya from Kenyans.   For this reason, we are going to quit our jobs, we are selling our belongings and saying goodbye to our families and friends for 3 years starting 2nd July 2018.

Follow our hashtag #TheUntoldStoryOfKenya

We will be the first Kenyans to tour the world on motorbikes and deliver the story of Kenya to the world.