July 2nd 2018 came and although we had been anxiously waiting for this day, the sad reality that we are leaving home, and not just home but our country set it.


Then there was mom, sisters, brothers, aunties, uncles, cousins and the rest of our extended family. Our mom was hardest hit by the adventure.  It was very hard breaking the news to her and so she got to know about it after everyone else.  She has gone through a hard time accepting. Something that affected us too. We needed her blessings and we kept assuring her all will be well.  Our sisters helped in reassuring her too.  A month to departure, we paid her a visit and this was the best moment as she told us she has accepted and gave us her blessings. This is when, we knew we are leaving. It was quite a joy knowing we are not doing this against her wish. She came for our prayers day and flag off too.  Watch the video above.

An emotional time with Auntie
With the teens just before departure

Family goes beyond blood and we have always considered our friends as family. Between us we have a lot of friends who have stood by us and encouraged us as we planned the adventure. We rode together, ate together, spent loads of time together.

Friends escorted us all the way to Nakuru


We left and set off towards Uganda as our first country to enter. However, this was not an express ride, we made stops to enjoy our country before exiting. We have always known we love our country Kenya, but the experience of exiting was similar to that of leaving our family and loved ones behind.

“Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us, or we find it not.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

From Nairobi to Nakuru, we rode with friends and that was an easy ride.  It was the first time we were riding our bikes fully loaded and so we were also getting used to the weight and the new width of the bike so we were not in a hurry at all. We got so much love along the way. Like the staff of Shell Sigona who welcomed us, signed our bikes and wished us journey mercies. We are proud V-Power couple!

Fueling the bike, body and souls. The team at Shell Sigona. Lovely
Shell V-Power, V-Love

We stopped at Dalamere Golf club for lunch in Naivasha.  We could not believe we had never heard of this place.  We even tried the mini golf.

Lunch at the Dalamere gold club – Naivasha.

We arrived in Nakuru to an amazing surprise from our friend Edu.  He had booked us at Ole Ken Hotel in Nakuru.  We bumped in Dos’s friend from campus and had an amazing evening.

Getting spoilt in Nakuru. We made new friends.

Though the traffic from Nairobi to Nakuru was medium heavy, we had a lovely first day of our adventure.

We continued receiving kindness and generosity along the way.

The Speaker of the Kericho county government. A very humber leader Kenya is blessed with. He stopped to say hello and even contributed towards our trip.
The Leader of Majority at Kericho county government. Another humber leader from Kericho. He too supported our trip.
Lunch with Kericho Bikers under the leadership of Ben. Another great support to our trip.

On our day 4 we headed to Rusinga Island and ended up at Rusinga Island Lodge.  When we got to the gate, we automatically knew that that we could not afford to stay at the 5 star lodge.  We were so tired and it was really hot.  We went in anyway, hoping to be able to negotiate something good or at least get referred to a place we could afford.  We met Mr. Ondongo the manager. He set us up a tent at their camping area for only Kshs 1,500 per person.  We were so glad we did not dismiss the place at the gate.  Their camping area comes with charging pots with adequate sockets, good lighting in the night, hot showers and it is right next to the lake.  We were able to watch the amazing an popular sunset.  Their tents come with two beds (you need to bring your beddings), what I call a balcony*, two chairs and a table.  They have one of the best fish dish, so eat at the restaurant.  Food and drinks area bit expensive though.

Camping in Rusinga Island. It was our best experience before exiting Kenya.
“Never go on trips with anyone you do not love.” — Ernest Hemingway
The sunset at Rusinga Island is breathtaking.

We left Rusinga Island the following day.  It was really hard to leave but we needed to keep our time in Uganda.  Leaving Rusinga we used the ferry from Mbita to cross to Luada and head to Busia. You should take the ferry.  Its a 45 minutes ride on the waters of Lake Victoria and was a breathtaking experience. As we were waiting for people to disembark from the ferry and we can load our bikes, a group of girls from Bunyore girls were the last to get out of the ferry.  The minute they saw the bike, the said “we watched you on NTV” and that is how our conversation started. We answered their questions and had a brief chat with them. We left knowing, in them, there are travelers.

Surprise meet up with Bunyore girls high school girls. Such wonderful souls.
Surprise meet up with Bunyore girls high school girls. Such wonderful souls.
Waiting to board the ferry in Mbita


We arrived at the Busia border at around 1:30 p.m. This was really a good time for us to be able to get to Jinja in good time. Busia border has been rebuild and its all a very modern and clean border with Kenyan immigration, Ugandan immigration, customs for both countries in one building.  This makes the clearance very very fast and efficient.  It took us 30 minutes including waiting and we were off. If you are heading to Uganda with a car or motorbike, we think this would be the best border to us.

Exit Kenya – Enter Uganda

And just like that, we left home and left Kenya.  We miss you.

Keep it here for how Uganda was.