I have the adventure bug. All i can think of, talk about is adventure. Every morning, i ride out of the compound, i want to see more than traffic and tarmac. I want to go to mama’s place, to seat with fishermen by the river or lake. I guess that means i have to do River Tana, Lake Kisumu and probably Lake Turkana. I want to spend a day with the Maasai boys herding their cattle, spend another day tilling land with some women, clean and cook for an old lady somewhere as she tells me all about the beautiful culture of Kenya and all that happened in her young days. I want to experience KENYA, my country, my home. The beautiful landscape, the wonderful people, the whole shebang.

So i have lately found myself reading anything and everything i can get my hands on that talks about adventure on a motorbike. I have also been watching movies like “Long Way Round” (oooh the Mongolia part scares me) and You Tube videos. I have had the opportunity of meeting two couples on long adventure trips. Jen and Craig who i met early last year on their way from S.A back to Europe via Egypt and recently Ivana and Manu who have been on the road for the past 3.5 years. There are many great women and men that have been on the road doing this adventures. They have documented how to prepare, the do’s and the don’t. Other writers have professionally compiled books and articles on the same. Everything so well put out by all these great adventurers. And to be honest this is great information and i would never want to take credit for it by re-writing it here. They all emphasize on the “Before you Go” preparation. The route planning, what to pack, choosing the right bike, spare parts, the accommodation, tents, weather, training, safety, cameras, gear, phone, etc and i can go on and on. These articles are really good to read but one thing i have noted is that, each adventure story is unique. Every adventure rider has done their travel differently from the other and i realized as good as the information and advice is, i cannot copy paste.

While listening to Ivana and Manu, they knew their next country of travel from the current country. They never really put down a route map as they got all their visas on the way while on the trip. This would not work for someone with a fixed time for the adventure but worked perfectly well for them. They also never made any accommodation bookings and they knew no one in all the places they have traveled to but they made it with petrol stations, churches and locals who hosted them. Each one of us have their own sense and style of adventure and what i have noted from all the reads is that each adventure story has something unique to it. Something that the rest dint do, something that is being done for the first time and therefore there is the bit of preparation that you will not find in any of the articles because its your own original authentic adventure.

Going to my mama’s place is as easy as a Sunday morning. All i need is my bike, fuel and good gear but going to fish in Lake Turkana will require much more preparation. Before you go, you need to know, understand your adventure very well in the way you want it not the way its been published by other people. Its your route, its your experience, its your bike, IT’S YOUR ADVENTURE designed just by you. You can only borrow some ideas from these articles but cannot copy paste. You have to design, plan and prepare for you own adventure as unique as it is.

You see i now have to go look for the fisherman, the grandma, the tilling women, the herding boys. Bye bye.

Lets start the countdown, i will be right back.